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Renowned time strategy expert, productivity speaker, and author, she has spent the last 30 years developing and teaching concrete, actionable business ideas to executives all over the country. Appearing on..

Allyson Lewis

About Allyson Lewis


Allyson Lewis is an internationally acclaimed time management expert who can help you, yes YOU, stop running on the hamster wheel of busyness and start having more time for the things that give your life meaning.

Busy was killing me...

For 30 years, Allyson was a successful financial advisor and stockbroker. Her high-pressure, high-stress life led her to be in the top 11% at Morgan Stanley, but it also filled her life with endless pressure instead of meaning.

No longer wanting to be a slave to her tasklist, she remembered thinking, “Busy is killing me. I am overwhelmed, stuck, & exhausted.” Allyson realized she was not alone, and that life should be more than endless “to-do lists” and a never-ending battle with the monster of busyness. Thus, The 7 Minute Life was created in 2006.

But, the stress of her life really came to a head in 2012, when a mysterious illness put her out of commission, and on the brink of death for a year and a half. She made big changes and three years later in 2015, The 7 Minute Life took off through easy to use productivity tools and methodologies (which she has successfully instilled in her own life).

Allyson’s passion is showing people how to make time to live in alignment with what is most important to them. The 7 Minute Life helps busy people get their schedules under control so they have more time for “the good stuff” in life. Because life should be full of endless joy, not endless tasks.

Since inventing The 7 Minute Life, Allyson has delivered more than 10,000 hours of researching, development of methodologies and proprietary content, writing, speaking, coaching and training. She has delivered hundreds of presentations to companies like Walmart, Kellogg’s, Pitney Bowes, Morgan Stanley, Blue Cross Blue Shield, the Arkansas Bar Association, and many more.

Her five books have sold more than 130,000 copies, and her time management tools have been downloaded more than hundreds of thousands of times.

Allyson has appeared on CNN, Bloomberg Information Television, ABC Radio, Fast Company, Real Simple, Woman’s Day, Women’s World, Family Circle, Investor’s Business Daily, The Los Angeles Times, The Chicago Tribune, and many more.

Allyson's Core Values


Time is life. We are a time management and productivity company helping people and businesses organize their lives. Life is experienced in minutes not in years. We value the time of our clients and our “7 Minute” community members. We thrive on the challenge that time cannot be managed, only individual decisions can be chosen.


Reconnecting with your personal priorities and rediscovering your purpose in life are two of the foundational elements of The 7 Minute Life. Once you know your priorities and your purpose, you can make clear, deliberate choices about how you will structure how you will allocate your time and attention every day. We believe our purpose is: serving the world around us, using our knowledge, gifts and talents to change the world, and we believe love is the foundation of purpose.

Growing & Learning

Trees grow throughout their lives. Humans are designed to grow and learn. You can be different tomorrow than you are today. Every new idea you learn makes you a different person in a subtle, yet significant, way. We stand for the value of continual learning. Our books, blogs, webinars, planning tools, coaching, consulting, speaking events and retreats are focused on the delivering concrete ideas that will help you learn and be the person you want to become.

Innovation and Entrepreneurial Spirit

Combining science, technology and repeatable systems – “7 Minutes” works to deliver, the Who, What, Why, How and When of living a purposeful, productive and meaningful life. Our ideas are grounded on the idea that the human brain is plastic or changeable which is known as the science of neuroplasticity.


“If you cannot make them laugh, you cannot make them learn!” No it is NOT a quote by anything but we got you going, didn’t we! Happiness matters more than we acknowledge. Everything draws relevance from happiness – fulfillment, purpose, meaning, freedom…the adventure of live can be traced back to each person’s innate desire to be happy and filled with joy.


Hope is shaped by deep feelings of positive expectation. Hope is grounded in belief. Hope dares us to take the next step forward in life, it fills us with passion and a burning desire to share love and gratitude with the world around us. Hope changes lives.


Because of faith, you seek a better life—a life filled with purpose and meaning—and you trust that it exists. Faith compels youto look beyond yourself, to reach out to others, to give of your time, energy, and love – with faith anything is possible.

Allyson has been recognized as one of the top 11 productivity gurus along with time management and life management experts like Timothy Ferris and David Allen.

Allyson has a passion for sharing the message of The 7 Minute Life. She says, "Change happens in an instant! It happens the moment you decide to change." She has been invited to speak all over the world.

Allyson was featured as the morning keynote speaker for the Northwest Arkansas Business Women's Conference. The afternoon keynote speaker was three time Olympian and Soccer player Mia Hamm.

This is a picture of a book signing at Sam's Club. Allyson's books and tools have been featured in retail stores, newspapers, magazines, radio and television.

Author of 3 Books

Author of 3 books, The 7 Minute Solution, The 7 Minute Life™ Daily Planner, The Seven Minute Difference,Allyson has trained thousands of people in cities throughout the country including New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago, Houston, Dallas, Orlando, Baltimore, and San Juan. She is frequently asked to host motivational and educational public workshops throughout the country.

Recognized as an opinion leader, Allyson has been a guest on CNN and Bloomberg Information TV – she is a monthly columnist for and has appeared in a broad range of national publications such as Investors Business Daily, The Chicago Sun Times, The Los Angeles Times, Advisor Today and Family Circle Magazine.

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